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Artificial intelligence is beginning to help detect cancer earlier, predict cancer risk, and expedite new drug discovery.  It's an exciting time, and we're close to major breakthroughs in the fight against this terrible disease.  

But there's work to be done.  We need better AI:  better computer vision analysis of medical imagery, improved natural language understanding of medical records, and better algorithms to predict the outcome of chemical reactions (just to name a few).

Why a nonprofit?

These advances require focused effort from the best people in AI, and many of the best people are attracted to an organization driven by a mission instead of by profit.  Because CancerAI is unconstrained by the need to generate a financial return, our research scientists and software engineers are free to focus solely on solving AI problems that improve cancer outcomes.   They are also free to publish their research and open-source their software, delivering cancer solutions more quickly to the people who need them.  

And because we're a nonprofit, it's easier for both individuals and organizations to share medical data with CancerAI.  Trust us, there are few phrases that make machine learning people happier than "improved data access."

Bringing cancer and AI together

Cancer and machine learning researchers live in largely separate worlds, publishing in different journals and attending different conferences.  Part of CancerAI's mission is to facilitate communication between these fields.  To that end, we've started to build relationships with top research groups in both areas, such as the Broad Institute, the Whitehead Institute, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

You can learn more about our amazing team here.


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